Taurus Motor extended
The Pipistrel Sinus motorglider combines a true sense of a motorlider with unprecedented efficiency during powered and long-range cruise. With the Sinus you can take-off and land on very short runways, fly long distance cross-country and have fun gliding with a 28:1 gliding ratio... all in the same aircraft!
    You can enjoy countless hours in thermals without burning a single drop of fuel. Clean aerodynamic lines and a perfect finish is what enables the Sinus to perform even better than a number of typical motorless gliders. And remember, you can always turn on the engine, when the weather is not in your favour.
    With a wing span of 50’, the difficulty of hangaring the Sinus has been solved with optional removable wing tips, in less than a minute, the wingtips are removed, and the total span is shortened to 37’, easily fitting the standard 40’ Canadian hangar door.

The Sinus is available as a Ready to Fly aircraft, or a complete build kit, with full glass cockpit, Autopilot and just about any option you can imagine, or just an altimeter, tachometer, and airspeed indicator,  we can make your aircraft as advanced, or as simple as you wish.
Taurus canopy open

The kit is one of the easiest kits to complete on the market.  Every task is packaged in large sealed clear bags with all parts included to complete the installation.  For example, the rudder pedals are packaged with rudder cables, bolts, rivnuts and brake cylinders all in one bag, when the bag is empty, the rudder pedals are complete!  All of the carbon fibre is formed and painted, most tasks consist of drilling and bolting parts in place.  Some sanding of wing root and trailing edge is required for fitting the wings,  all engine modifications and sensors are installed from the factory.  The 200 hour kit will take an average mechanically minded builder a realistic 200 hours!

Optional removable wing tips reduce the wingspan from 50 feet to 39 feet, making the move into average hangars much easier.

Sinus Flex model is identical to the standard Sinus, with the added bonus of interchangeable wing-tips. The outer 5-foot portions of each wing can be easily taken away and replaced with short winglets of a Virus model! You couldn't decide if you wanted a Pipistrel Sinus or a Pipistrel Virus? Now you can have both, a thermal-soaring Sinus motorglider which you can quickly and easily (about 5 min of work) transform into a small and fast Virus cruiser!
  • sinus_flex_pipistrel_canada

    New Removable wing tips for easy hangaring (get both for "Sinus-Flex"ability)

  • sinus_flex_pipistrel_virus_wingtips

    Virus Classic wing tips! Two aircraft in One!

  • sinus_flex_pipistrel_canada_removable_tips

    SInus wing tips! Two aircraft in One!


Compare performance of the Pipistrel Sinus with other popular light aircraft with this video of the "Paris Madrid green air Challenge" by Craig Peyton from